My first Discord game

My first Discord game

I dove right into developing a Discord game, and first wanted to make a version of Hangman.
This was a huge undertaking for me, as I had zero knowledge of bot programming and almost zero knowledge of Javascript programming. Google is your friend, and I also had help (when I got real stuck) in a friend on the Your New Hustle! Discord server.

Here are three images from the game; Start, Won and Lost! I plan on including this in the bot I’m making public, but I have more to do before I get there..
The one thing I really struggled with in the code for this game, was updating the original embed for the game. I had everything working by sending a new embed for each input, but that would clutter the chat unnecessarily and I didn’t want that. After Googling for hours and testing numerous code lines, I resorted to asking on StackOverflow, but to no avail. Finally asked the developer on Your New Hustle! and he gave me 1 new command to include (one word) and one new line, and voila!

Sometimes it’s the little things that trip you up..

I also wrote another little command for the bot; Coinflip (alias: coin). This was simple and straightforward, didn’t require many lines of code at all.

Now, looking at these images, the Heads coin isn’t transparent, but it really is. It’s just my Discord cache that has the first version of the image, and I can’t seem to delete the cached image. Tried CacheMonkey and the cache is deleted but the image persists… New users should get the transparent version.

If you have ideas for something I could create and include, please write it in a comment and if I think I can do it; I will.

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