“Blog post” – Just an update

“Blog post” – Just an update

This is not a coding post, simply a small update because I haven’t posted in ages.
I have in the past week rewritten CodeLog bot, taking some inspiration from other bots. I have stopped using Sequelize and have switched to native MySQL (MariaDB) because that is what I am most comfortable with. I work with SQL Server on a daily basis and have done so for years. I tried using createConnection, but quickly realized createPool was the correct choice.

Having implemented a penalty system, warns, strikes, mutes, bans, kicks, etc. These are all stored in a database, but can be revoked by an admin or mod. My first attempt at CodeLog did continuous requests to the database, to check for prefix, logchannel, welcomechannel and settings. Now I have switched to Collection() based config, which the bot reads from upon request. This lightens the load on the database server by a LOT.

I am considering posting the bot on Top.gg, but haven’t done so yet, because I want to write a couple more functions first. The first being auto-mute when a user has % 3 warns / strikes. That will be a 24 hour mute, and is registered in the database as a mute punishment.

If you want, there is a bot invite link posted here on the website, and reach out to me on Discord if you have questions.
Join us over at Ansons Code Ring server where we talk code all the time.

PS! I have written a simple Ticket Bot code, which is available here as a GitHub Repository. This is still very basic, but will be updated to use MongoDB / Mongoose as a backend database.

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