MessageCollector in DMs using DiscordJS v13

MessageCollector in DMs using DiscordJS v13

So, here is the simplest way I have to make a MessageCollector that collects messages from DMs using DiscordJS v13

First off, lets start off with the simplest of bots:

const { Client } = require("discord.js"); //We only need to destructure Client from the library
require('dotenv').config(); //We use environment variables: process.env.VARIABLE_NAME

//We're creating a new Client with 4 intents and 3 partials. The partials aren't needed for this to work, but I like adding them anyways.
//The important intents are: GUILDS, GUILD_MESSAGES and DIRECT_MESSAGES, particularly this last one, because we're working with DMs.
const client = new Client({
  partials: ['CHANNEL', 'MESSAGE', 'REACTION'],

//This event listener is triggered on the Event READY and only run once.
client.once('ready', () => {
  console.log(`Bot is online and ready!`); //Console logging to show it's online

//The old message event listener. Now called messageCreate.
client.on('messageCreate', async (message) => {
  const prefix = process.env.PREFIX; //In the .env file you need: PREFIX=! - I'm using ! as my prefix, you can use anything you want.
  if ( return; //If the author of the message sent is a bot, then do nothing.
  if (!message.content.startsWith(prefix)) return; //If the message doesn't start with prefix (!), do nothing.
  if (message.content.startsWith(prefix + 'start')) { //If the message starts with prefix (!) and directly followed by start, continue.
    const filter = m => ===; //Filter for the collector. Only messages where the new messages author ID matched the one that started the collector.
    const DM = await message.member.send({content: `The collector is started! Type something:`}); //We're creating a DM channel with the user that ran the command.
    const collector ={filter, max: 5, time: 30000}); //We're creating the collector, allowing for a max of 5 messages or 30 seconds runtime.
    collector.on('collect', m => { //Triggered when the collector is receiving a new message
      console.log(m.content); //Console log the content of the message
    collector.on('end', (collected, reason) => { //Triggered when the collector ends. collected is a <Collection> of all messages collected and reason is the reason the collector ended.{content: `Collector ended for reason: ${reason} reached! I collected ${collected.size} messages.`}); //Sending a message to the user informing the collector ended, and why.

client.login(process.env.TOKEN); //Log in with the bots token. You need a line in the .env file: TOKEN=KUAHSFGAJSDHFGKJHGSDF%%$%)"

This is the simplest way to create a MessageCollector, that collects messages via DMs.
I have commented on all the important bits, but if you have questions feel free to ask me.

You can join the Discord server which I’ve linked in another post.

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