CodeLog is the name I have given my Discord bot, that I’ve started developing. It’s still a baby, but has some fun features and some useful features. Fun features are: Coinflip – a “game” that flips either heads or tails; Hangman – a text based game of the classic Hangman; Random – Finds and displays a random image of any given argument, if you issue: random Macintosh, it will search for Macintosh and display a random image from the results; Speak – Replies with the text given as argument.

Of the more useful commands are: Kick – Kicks a specified user from the server; Ban – Bans a specified user from the server; Poll – Created a reaction-based poll in a specified channel; Avatar – Displays the avatar of one or more specified users; Inguild – Shows what guilds (servers) the bot is currently in; Dmall – Sends a DM with given text to all members of a guild.

More features are being thought of and created, but I’m learning the ropes of Javascript and Discord, alongside creating the bot. I have never before coded in Javascript, but have coding experience from my education in ICT. Mostly PHP web coding, but back in the day I developed small applications in Borland Delphi, and Turbo Pascal before that.

The next thing I am going to include in CodeLog, is a Setup command and a MySQL database for server specific configs. Prefix, LogChannel, WelcomeChannel, and possibly more.

Feel free to add me on Discord; GeirAndersen#0001 and if needed you can email me at:

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